Your LES Muscle and Preventing Acid Reflux or Heartburn

Your LES or lower esophageal sphincter muscle is a ring-shaped muscle located between your esophagus and stomach. Its purpose is to allow food and drink to travel down into your stomach and close tightly behind it to prevent anything from making its way back up. The reason for the burning sensation commonly referred to as heartburn or acid reflux is almost always due to food and stomach acids forced into the esophagus. As these compounds begin to break down, various gases become trapped in your esophagus and throat, making for quite an uncomfortable and sometimes even painful feeling.

Since all that you have to keep food out of your esophagus is your LES muscle, it is quite important that you take the appropriate steps to make sure it is able to function to the best of its abilities if you are having or have been known to have problems with acid reflux or heartburn. Muscle relaxers, alcoholic beverages and other substances can weaken the strength of your muscles, and this is one of the leading reasons many people end up feeling acid reflux in the first place.

Upper GIOne approach to dealing with heartburn involves working on your digestive system and improving the rate at which your stomach and other organs can break down and digest food. It is difficult for your body to digest fatty, acidic or greasy foods. Sugar-filled sodas, chocolates and other sweets should also be avoided if you are prone to acid reflux, while drinking plenty of water in regular intervals throughout the day is also a huge step to take towards complete heartburn relief.

There are tons of products out there that claim to prevent or help with acid reflux and heartburn, but one particular product made by Caleb Treeze’s Organic Farm has shown great results with thousands of people. This acid reflux remedy uses unfiltered apple cider vinegar with other natural ingredients to stop your heartburn in a minute or two, and it is also quite good at keeping the heartburn away for a good while. The scientific explanation behind this old Amish remedy is not entirely known, but one conclusion points to the acidic values of the juice helping your stomach and esophagus to break down foods and force them further down your digestive tract. The product is known as Stops Acid Reflux, and it has shown better results than any other natural or prescription remedy out there.

Even though the above mentioned solution can do a whole lot of good to people who suffer from frequent bouts with acid reflux and heartburn, it is still important that you make changes to your life and diet accordingly if you ever want to really be done with acid reflux for good. Since every person’s body and digestive system functions a bit differently, it might be a good idea to create a journal to document foods you eat and help you to pin-point any trigger foods that you may have.