Women’s Sweet Cravings and Glucose Levels

A large number of women experience cravings for sugar, carbohydrates or alcohol. Indulging in their cravings may affect their blood glucose levels. These food cravings are not real eating disorders but may be signs of a hormonal imbalance because of the lack of proper nutrition and at times may be caused by biological processes such as PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome). This is especially true when there are changes in the hormonal levels such as progesterone, estrogen and testosterone. Women may experience bloating, tension, irritability, mood swings, anxiety, weight gain, breast tenderness and some cravings especially for sweet foods, though at times for salty foods too.

Women’s cravings for sweets can also be caused by stress because their bodies need to cope with it and usually, they tend to go for quick energy food. Another factor may be the low serotonin level in the brain that may make them feel depressed and again, the solution is to eat something sweet. It may also be caused by the overgrowth in the body of the Candida yeast that may be responsible for the craving. Other causes may come from adrenal gland malfunction or from chromium and other mineral deficiencies that trigger the cravings.

Woman and Chocolate Cake

Most Women Have Sweet Cravings

Eating sweet food moderately may be good for the body but indulging or giving in to these sweet cravings may cause normal blood glucose levels to shoot up and for women who are on the brink of becoming diabetic, this can just push them right into it. There are several ways to manage this craving. Women may opt for other healthier snacks like fresh fruits and vegetables which can provide a natural way to satisfy that craving for sweets. This can especially help keep sweet intake to a minimum when the cravings start as fruit and vegetables are also full of fiber which can help make a person fill full. Fiber will also even out the absorption of glucose into the blood stream and may help a woman feel satisfied longer.

Sleep is another important component for fighting stress and they should get enough sleep and rest for the body to be able to combat stress effectively. If they really cannot resist those cravings, they can take a small bite of a 70% dark chocolate to help keep the cravings at bay. It is better to keep food intake under control and prevent the ill effects of high blood glucose levels.