What Most People Miss When Buying a Replacement Pillow

Selecting a replacement pillow for a worn out 3-year old pillow is really a simple task for most people, but far too often these people are just content to get some sleep not knowing that they can get far more better sleep by selecting the correct pillow for their sleeping position and personal preferences.

Overcomplicating the selection process is not an advisable thing to do, however oversimplifying it by selecting whatever the clerk recommends is not a particularly advisable action either, unless that same clerk was the very same person who recommended a particularly comfortable pillow to you three years ago.

Functionality versus comfort
The main purpose of pillows is not comfort, but rather it is to prevent you from waking up the next morning with an aching back or neck. Sometimes people get the idea that the softer and fluffier the pillow the better pillow it is. But in reality, a pillow’s purpose is to provide support as well as comfort for the sleeper. As more and more people come in contact with this vital information, the sale of the new innovated orthopedic or memory foam pillows have risen over the past decade.

Mediflow Waterbase Side Sleeper Pillow

Keeping it comfortable with your sleeping position
There are all so many pillows out there that claim to be orthopedic, but it is secondly most important for you to choose the right pillow for your sleeping position. Not all pillows are comfortable and buying a new type of pillow will need some adjustments on the sleeper’s part. The important thing to get straight is that whatever your sleeping position is, your pillow must be able to support your back and neck at all times. For back sleepers, a knee pillow can be used to support the back and a cervical pillow for the neck. For side sleepers(the most common sleeping position known to man), there are two ways to go about choosing the best pillow for side sleepers. One is to go with a body pillow which provides overall support for the spine, the neck, and the entire body. It can be troublesome to by hypoallergenic pillowcases though. For people who don’t have the luxury, there are wedge pillows and other normal pillows that can substitute a body pillow.

Materials of the pillow
Materials-wise, all pillows should be able to perform just as good as the other one provided they have they are firm enough to support the neck. Some salespeople convince people to buy hypoallergenic pillows, but the truth to the matter is that hypoallergenic only means that is made from material that have less potential to cause allergies. It’s far more better to choose a pillow that fits the budget as long as it is dust-mite proof/resistant and is covered with a dust mite proof cover.

If you happen to spot a pillow that fits all of these descriptions, you might have just found the perfect pillow to replace your worn-out one. After some getting-use-to, it’ll almost be a certainty that your nights will be a most rewarding experience for your money and time well-spent.