What Is A Liposuction

Liposuction is the most common term for the procedure lipoplasty. It the cosmetic surgical procedure that eliminates some fat deposits in the different body and contours it for a more defined shape. It is done through the process of suctioning out the fat layers from underneath the skin.

Typically, it is done in parts of the body that are often plagued with accumulated fat such as the abdomen, thighs and arms. However, it may also be done now in virtually any parts of the body through advance techniques.

Conventionally, the procedure is done by using a metal tube called cannula that will be inserted through incisions that will be made in parts of the body where fats will be removed. Then, it will be repeatedly inserted there as the vacuum from which it is attached will rip away the fat layers. The suctioned fat cells will be deposited and a clear tube with measurement markings to easily see how many fats has already been removed.

Liposuction Is An Effective Way To Get Rid Of Excessive Fats

Liposuction: Effective Getting Rid Of Excessive Fats

However, the process can be really invasive and poses a lot of risks and complications so the concept was revamped. For a while incisions where still made but they were smaller as the cannula were also made into smaller diameter. But then suctioning out the fats is easier through the use of a tumescent solution that will already soften up and break down the fats. Laser fiber was also fitted in the cannula as it gets inserted to help break up the fat deposits for easier suctioning. The improvements made were promising that experts tried to develop it more and make it non-surgical in nature.


Still using the technology of laser, liposuction was still made effective even if it is just applied on the surface of the skin. Low level laser were created to penetrate deep into the skin without damaging the other tissues. However, it is effective in melting the fats that will be expelled out of the body through the natural process, meaning no forceful suctioning is needed.

And as of today, various modes of technology are also allowing liposuction to happen in a non-surgical way. Cold laser, ultrasound waves and other kinds of energy have been created to have people be rid of their stubborn fat deposits in an easy but safer way.