What Are The Best Ways To Stop Smoking For Good?

Finding out you have a health problem because of your smoking habit is undoubtedly a scary moment in your life, but it’s arguable even scarier when this shock isn’t enough to get you to stub out the cigarettes for good. If there is one thing that can help you recover from a smoking related illness it’s quitting, but many people find they are too addicted to nicotine and can’t imagine living life without it. It’s understandable as it’s the most addictive drug on the planet, and most people have been using it for the majority of their lives when they find out their habit is destroying their health.

Thankfully these days there are a few products out there which can help you in the difficult process of quitting. Let’s take a look at a few of the best ways to stop smoking to see if there is one that might help you.

  1. Stop Smoking Books – Books such as “The only way to stop smoking permanently” by Allen Carr have great success in helping many smokers to stub it out for the last time. They don’t work for everyone but they fact the book is so cheap and takes very little time to read makes it something everyone should try at least once.
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    Improve your health - stop smoking now

    Nicotine replacement therapies – There are a wide range of these available these days including patches, gums and inhalers. There is even an unregulated nicotine delivery device called an electronic cigarette which promises to emulate the experience of smoking. These products allow you to get the nicotine you are craving without inhaling those dangerous fumes. They work for a smaller number of smokers than the Allen Carr method thanks to the fact they are keeping you addicted to the drug you are meant to be quitting, but a reasonable percentage of people so say they work enough to get them off cigarettes.
  3. Stop Smoking Drugs – Pharmaceuticals drugs such as Chantix and Zyban have been quite successful in helping smokers kick the habit, but they do tend to have quite bad side effects. Some people have even said to have suicidal thoughts thanks to using these products, and there is now a fear they could contribute to a higher risk of heart disease. I would suggest you only use these products as a last resort but if nothing else works for you then they might be worth trying.

Whatever method of stopping smoking you decide to try it’s important you find that motivation and take that first step to a nicotine free life. When you start to get negative health consequences from you habit there is nothing more important than finding a method that works for you over the long term.