Vitamin B12 Shortage and Deficiency Symptoms

Health is a primary physical value of a human being. Health is determined by special elements consumed with food, such as minerals, amino acids and vitamins. There are a plenty of vitamins responsible for normal course of metabolic processes in human organism. Shortage of vitamins (alternatively called hypovitaminosis) can cause significant deteriorations of human health.

In fact, vitamin B12 is known to be one of the most important nutritive elements involved into vital processes of organism. The main role of vitamin B12 is to ensure normal functioning of cerebral cells and nervous system. This function plays the crucial role in energy production: aliphatic acids, erythrocytes and DNA in the process of multiplication of cells. The daily norm of this vitamin for children under 10 years of age is 1.0 mg; for teenagers up to 15 years – 1.5 mg and for grownup individuals – 2.5~3 mg.

The primary sources of vitamin B12 are: eggs, dairy products, mollusks, poultry, sea greenery, pork, beef and meat byproducts, such as liver or kidneys.

Eggs, Milk and Cheese

Eggs and diary products are rich in vitamin B12

The symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency are: livid skin spots, unhealthy looking tongue with white layer, hypersensitivity of tongue, tiresomeness and drowsiness, problems with digestion, behavioral changes (irritability, inadequate conduct and others). Taking into consideration the food sources of vitamin B12, its deficiency is diagnosed in vegans (who do not consume animal products).

Vitamin B12 Shortage and Folic Acid
The main reason of vitamin B12 shortage is poor diet. It must be noted that the initial symptoms of deficiency is weariness with no evident reasons and physical weakness. Patients suffer from nausea; indigestion; low appetite. Women can face irregular menstrual periods. Thus, the symptoms are alike the symptoms of folic acid deficiency.

Skin Diseases
White spots or dots are symptoms of vitamin B12 shortage. It is connected with absence of melanin in certain areas of body. These spots can become larger if the hypovitaminosis progresses.

Problems with Mouth Cavity
As a rule, problems with mouth cavity and tongue are diagnosed at late stages of vitamin B12 deficiency. Symptoms include: pain, burning and strong itching. Vitamin B12 shortage can cause dryness of lips and result in bridoes.

Respiratory Infections
It is important to mention that the deficiency of vitamin B12 increases the risk of infections of respiratory ways. Patients suffer from difficulties of breathing; short breath (not followed by pain effect). These symptoms manifest during intensive movements; long walking; jogging or running.