The Weber Genesis S-320 Propane Backyard Gas Grill

This is a stainless propane backyard grill for people who truly love barbecue and won’t settle for anything less. You can definitely find cheaper products out there, and some of them will do the job quite nicely. There’s really no reason to spend more than $300 if you’re looking for a decent quality barbecue that will provide you with adequate cooking power. But if you are a true barbecue enthusiasts who takes every opportunity to fire up your grill, then this is the model for you. It comes with a whopping thousand dollar price tag, but it is truly worth every penny. There is just no comparison when it comes to overall cooking space and potential power if you are willing to expand your budget. This will make every single one of your barbecue dreams come true and provide you with BBQ memories that you will treasure for a lifetime.Weber stainless steel gass grill

You probably already know by now that Weber is regarded by many to be the top barbecue company around. It only makes sense that one of their top-of-the-line products delivers in all key categories. You’ll absolutely love the flavor wave system that effectively gives your food a double boost of taste by having evaporated drippings being sent back into the closed barbecue. A searing station will help you to get restaurant quality steaks with signature grill marks that are perfectly cooked. And it’s not just about providing you with a tremendous amount of power. There are three separate burners that you can individually control to determine exact temperatures within your barbecue. That means you can effectively create an outdoor range where you can cook different types of food all at the same time.

Closing the lid of the Weber S-320 effectively turns this great barbecue into an outdoor oven that can handle larger roasts or a huge rack of ribs. If you thought the direct grilling options were great, just wait until you try a big juicy tender roast compared to perfection while being infused with barbecue flavor. Your home convection oven won’t even come close to the tenderness and overall flavor you can achieve with one of the best gas grills on the market. In addition to larger cuts of meats, you can rest assured that this grill can handle more delicate things like vegetable medleys or seafood as well.

On a practical level, this grill is extremely easy to clean and maintain. It’s probably a better idea if you do it after each cooking session so that grease doesn’t have a chance to set up. The only disadvantage is in terms of assembling the grill which might be complicated for newcomers. But that’s nothing you can’t solve by getting it professionally assembled by your local Home Depot store. Other than that, this is a user-friendly model that even the biggest rookie can master. The one touch ignition system ensures that you can get right into the cooking action without waiting as you would with a traditional charcoal grill. And since this is a barbecue that comes from Weber, you can rest assured it will find a comfortable home for years to come in your backyard.