The Honda GPS Update for 2012 – Everything You Need to Know

Are you the proud owner of a Honda vehicle?  If you do own an Accord or Civic and opted to have the factory installed GPS device within the car when you bought it then you could be experiencing the frustration of the maps being out of date after a couple of years of use.  The reason this happens is because all of the mapping data is actually stored as software on the actual physical hardware… which many people don’t realise as there is a common misconception that the mapping is beamed down from satellites.

This is not the case, and as roads and streets change and update you will also need to keep the routing database on the Honda GPS up to date too.  But how do you go about getting a Honda GPS update?  What follows are some short notes explaining the process and why you should do, especially as September of 2011 saw the latest Honda Navigation DVD for 2012 being released to purchase.

Where Can You Buy a New Honda GPS Update DVD?
The official online Honda map store is the best place to purchase a new GPS DVD for 2012, although some car dealers will also offer a special deal so it is worth checking with them too.  Once you have bought your new DVD the install process is easy enough.  Just follow these steps to success.

Installing New Honda Map Updates
Place the new DVD into the GPS disc tray in your dashboard.  As soon as you do this then onscreen instructions will appear that will take you through each step of the way.  Please note that you will need to turn the ignition on in order to get started… the process is almost automated though and should take no longer than 30 minutes.

Why Should You Buy Honda GPS Updates?

Honda Dashboard GPS

Honda Dashboard GPS

As mentioned earlier, each and every month there are changes occurring on the nation’s roads.  Whether that’s a new town appearing, or street names changing… all of these things will render your existing Honda GPS obsolete.  In addition to that businesses will often change addresses.

The latest Honda Navigation DVD for 2012 will also include a new and updated set of POIs (which are also known as Points of Interest files).  These range into the millions and include useful navigation points such as:

  • ATMS for when you need cash
  • Police, Fire, and Ambulance stations for emergencies
  • Shopping malls when you need something on the road
  • Gas stations just in case you run out of fuel when driving
  • Tourist attractions such as museums, national parks, and amusements parks for the family

So your Honda GPS isn’t just about getting from A to B.  It can also be a very useful tool for planning days out and journeys with your family.  All of these points and more are compelling reasons to make sure you have the latest directions and routes.  So make sure that you buy new Honda GPS updates this year so you will be set for 2012 and beyond.

But How Much do Honda GPS Updates Cost?
They’re not cheap.  Check the Honda online store for all the latest prices and promotions, but typically you won’t get much change out of $150 US Dollars.  That might sound steep but putting it into perspective, if you were to purchase a new GPS such as Garmin or TomTom you might be looking to spend well over $200 US Dollars on a decent and new model in the New Year.

With that in mind it makes financial sense to keep your pre-installed Honda device up to date rather than buying a new GPS altogether.