The Fiona Bag: Where To Buy Burn Notice Fiona’s Hip Bag

Anyone who’s ever watched the popular USA Network smash hit Burn Notice can tell you that Fiona has been getting attention and turning heads since episode one. You might ask 20 people and get 20 different answers on why she is so popular but if you watch the show it’s easy to understand and pretty easy to summarize as well.

Fiona epitomizes traits that both men and women find extremely attractive and desirable. She is extremely beautiful, very stylish and fashionable, independent, tough, and intelligent. She can make a sarcastic joke about building a bomb, give support on a sniper rifle, and then fit in perfectly at this super trendy Miami nightclub.

It’s not hard at all to see why she’s such a popular character, and there’s little question that her style on the show’s definitely being followed by a legion of fashion conscious women fans as well.

After the very first episode when she wore a hip bag, online searches for the term “Fiona’s hip bag” or “Burn Notice Fiona’s hip bag” shot up off the charts. Women fans had noticed, and now they were demanding to find the same. This stylish leather accessory appears in many more episodes and works whether she’s wearing blue jeans and a T-shirt or more stylish ensemble involving sundresses or even short skirts and dress shirts. Many fans want to know where they can pick up an exact replica of Fiona’s hip bag.

The Fiona Bag

The Fiona Bag: A lot of women love the hip purse that the character Fiona in Burn Notice wears

In the beginning, no one could find out if her bag was simply a stage prop and not mass produced or if consumers actually could find a copy. It turns out that the demand for this product was so high and that there were so many questions that eventually the studio actually released information stating that Fiona’s specific hip bag was just a one-time prop. An Australian website named Happy Cow was the first one to take advantage of the demand by designing several hip bags that were modeled and made to specifically look like Fiona’s hip bag from the show.

Since then several manufacturers have designed leather hip bags which are similar to the one that appears on the show. These fashionable women’s accessories include adjustable belts, pockets for mobile phone or blackberry, pouches for iPod or camera, and the expected space for everyday needs like credit cards, cash, and identification. These hip bags are not only fashionable and trendy but because they are so practical it’s easy to believe that they will remain extremely popular even if Fiona’s character stopped using hers on the show.

Whether you are looking for an exact replica of Fiona’s hip bag, or for something similar but which is a little bit different to meet your specific taste or style, many options exist out there. You can have a look at brands such as Ju Ju Be or Hipzbag, they might have something that interests you. Also doing a little bit of homework, comparing prices, and of course watching your favorite episodes of Burn Notice are just a few of the steps you can take in order to figure out if Fiona’s hip bag is the right choice for your style or not.