The Appeal of Cubic Zirconia Rings

During this time of economic crisis, people often turn to the frugal alternative to be able to stick to the budget. Many women will disapprove of scrimping on something as symbolic as an engagement ring, but there is a time when practicality will overrule everything else.

Sometimes it’s a matter of allocation. Couples decide together to get a cheaper cubic zirconia engagement ring and spend what’s left over the budget on something for the wedding or for the beginning of their married life.

Cubic zirconia rings get bad flak for having a fake or imitation diamond on them, but they should not be regarded that way. Cubic zirconia can’t help its resemblance to diamond. It adds a lovely sparkle to jewelry, so it should just be considered a thing of beauty in itself, synthetic and inexpensive though it may be. It’s also durable, so a cubic zirconia engagement ring definitely makes a lot of sense.

If there’s one thing besides its affordability that cubic zirconia can consider its edge over real diamonds, it is the fact that there is no chance of it being a blood diamond. The wearer can enjoy her bauble with a very clean conscience.

Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia CZ Wedding Engagement Ring Set

Cubic Zirconia Wedding Engagement Ring Set

It has also been observed that members of the privileged class often wear the cubic zirconia copies of their diamond jewelry for fear of losing the genuine articles. Many consider this quite ironic. What’s the point of having jewelry if you can’t wear it? It’s better to just get something inexpensively pretty that you can enjoy wearing.

Moissanite or cubic zirconia rings usually pass for the real things anyway, so if a woman feels uncomfortable sporting something synthetic on her ring finger, she can be assured that very few people can tell the difference. Even if more people could distinguish diamonds from other stones, this would not diminish the beauty of the ring. Besides this, the true value of an engagement ring is not in found in its monetary price, but rather in the sentiment behind its giving.