Smallmouth Bass Fishing Rigs

Smallmouth bass fishing can be compared somewhat to largemouth bass fishing.  While smallmouth bass enjoy cooler waters than their big brothers, they have similar diets.  A lot of largemouth bass lures will work for smallmouth bass, and vice versa.  In certain waters, common largemouth bass fishing rigs, like the Carolina rig and the Texas rig, will be successful smallmouth bass fishing rigs as well.  Be sure to consider using these simple, cheap yet effective options on your next smallmouth bass fishing trip.

Carolina rigs are designed to be fished in weed beds.  This allows you to target smallmouth bass that are hiding during the day.  The idea is to drag a heavy weight along the bottom of the bed, while swimming a soft plastic worm right above the weeds.  This creates a motion that bass find hard to resist.  Tie on a heavy weight, and then add a length of leader the length of the weeds.  To the end of the leader, add a large hook and your choice of soft plastic worm.  Swim the worm as you jerk and drag the weight along the bottom.

Carolina Rig and Texas Rig

The Texas rig is a great rig for targeting smallmouth bass that are taking refuge in heavy cover.  The set up is very simple.  Attach a bullet weight to your line, followed by a large bass hook.  Insert your hook through your soft plastic worm of choice and then re-insert the tip into the body.  This makes the rig weedless, and allows you to cast into dense cover without worry of a snag.  Fishing this rig right up close to large bass will lead to great success.

Shimano Spirex 4000 Reel

Shimano Spirex 4000 FG Reel

Choosing one of these simple rigs over other expensive lures and spinners is a no-brainer, not only for the ease of use and cost savings, but because they just plain catch fish. To enjoy fishing for smallmouth bass, it also requires the use of a solid reel such as the Shimano Spirex reel. This Shimano front drag spinning reel has features like the Quick Fire II feature that makes one handed casts very easy, A-RB bearings for smooth-as-silk retrieves and the most user friendly double padded handle.