Skiing Christmas Holidays

Do you fancy doing something different this Christmas? Everybody wants to do something special for Christmas with their family. There are better things to do than just sitting at home eating Christmas dinner. You want a bit of fun, you wouldn’t want to order the same food again and again if it were a restaurant would you? One of the best Christmas holidays you will ever have is probably at a ski resort where you can all ski during the day and enjoy cosy dinners together around log fires at night. The clean mountain air, breathtaking vistas and beautifully decorated villages together create a perfect setting for a great holiday.

Before you zero in on a resort, make sure you check that it receives plenty of snow for a good skiing holiday in December. Some of Europe’s resorts now have bare mountains because of inadequate snowfall as a result of global warming. If the resort is at a higher altitude the chances of soft powder is much better.

In the US, the two outstanding resorts are Keystone and Aspen. Both are in Colorado and have great slopes and facilities. Aspen has long been a favourite and its popularity endures because of its well run slopes. Whistler-Blackcomb in Canada is where the 2010 Winter Olympics were held. It is arguably North America’s best ski resorts. It also offer night skiing. Floodlit slopes can create a magical ambience and you will enjoy skiing at night when there are fewer people on the slopes than during the day.

Skiing Father Christmas

Skiing Fun on Christmas Holidays

Switzerland, Austria, France and Italy are all well known for their wonderful resorts. Gstaad and Zermatt in the Swiss Alps have a variety of fine slopes for both beginners and experts. The Alpine scenery is particularly stunning and adds to the charm of the mountain resorts. Apart from gentle slopes for beginners, Chamonix in France has some near vertical drops that are particularly challenging. Some of the world’s best skiers therefore like to visit Chamonix.

After a day on the slopes, the evenings at ski resorts can be lively affairs. You can go clubbing, attend a concert, check out some jazz bars or dine at gourmet restaurants. Most resorts organize a sumptuous Christmas buffet with live entertainment so Christmas day is generally very festive.

The next family holiday to plan after Christmas is at Easter. There are loads of unusual destinations to choose from for Easter weekend breaks. Some of these destinations celebrate Easter in centuries old traditions which are quaint and rather charming.