Simple Yet Delicious Roasted Garlic Bread Recipes For the Kitchen

Whether you are going to use your little toaster oven to make a personal serving of garlic bread, or planning to fire up the barbeque and make enough roasted garlic bread to go around, knowing the best techniques to even heating and seasoning is very important if you want good results.

Making garlic bread with an oven

Using an oven or toaster oven to prepare garlic bread is probably the more commonly used when compared with preparing it over an open fire on a charcoal or propane grill. For the best results, you should combine your raw garlic powder or minced garlic into warmed butter for the seasoning. If you plan to be using thick bread rolls, consider cutting slits into the sides of the bread to make sure the flavoring travels all the way through.

Pre-heat the oven to about 350, and you also might want to try allowing the bread to toast face down for a few minutes before applying the butter, as this will make for a much easier spread and allow the bread to retain more of the butter and garlic flavor without becoming soggy. After applying the butter to your chosen slice or roll, you can place it in the oven for a crispy texture, or wrap it in tin-foil to retain some of the moisture from the bread, butter and garlic.

Making garlic bread on a grill

Although preparing garlic bread on a grill is a pretty straight-forward process, you will save yourself the trouble of experimenting by learning the key aspects to a successful toast. Whether you are making authentic Italian garlic bread, or plan to create your own toast masterpiece with unique ingredients, you will have to use bread that is somewhat thick if you plan to make it on the grill. Cut slices every couple of inches along the sides of the bread and allow it to toast face-down on a low-heat grill for a few minutes. Apply your garlic mixture into the sliced areas and on the open side of the loaf, then place your two loaf slices back together and wrap in foil, turning occasionally on the barbeque for about ten minutes.

Roasted Garlic Bread

Roasted garlic bread is simply amazing with pasta or chicken

Roasted garlic bread is simply amazing with pasta or chicken, and you can really choose to include this side dish with just about any entree if you so desire. If you are having trouble coming up with enough different dishes for your next dinner gathering, consider applying this simple technique to your own garlic bread to fill in the blanks. For a fun finger food tray, you can easily slice up your completed garlic bread rolls into squares or triangles. Stick some tooth picks in each piece and you can easily stock a quick buffet table with delicious appetizers without having to spend too much time.