Short Story Publishing and Book Promotion

The career of an independent author can be tough. Fortunately, with the assistance provided by online sources and various publishing or printing companies that focus on independent projects, the author of today has plenty of opportunities to choose from. Short story publishing can be an extremely profitable and quick process if you have the right connections – by learning the ins and outs of the publishing and book industry you will have a great shot at making some serious money doing what you love.

The first thing you will have to decide upon is exactly how you plan to publish, promote and sell your short story or novel/informational book. If you plan to take an entirely independent approach, money will have to be allocated personally or through investors if you ever want to make any progress. If you have confidence that you can pitch your title, deciding to look into various trade publishers and the deals they offer you might be a great idea. Any trade publisher will usually entirely cover the cost of printing, distribution, registration, and promotion for your title. Usually, your publisher will even provide you with an advance on your book profits as soon as the contract is signed. If that isn’t enough, you will also be earning a portion of your profits per sale depending on the contractual agreements you and your publisher decide upon.

Publishing for Profit

Publishing for Profit

A great alternative for the author who doesn’t want to sign themselves into any contract or invest too much on their own project is e-book publishing. You can immediately get your book onto an international marketplace through the creation of an e-book. Also, all printing costs are distribution charges will be completely eliminated since you will only be selling digital rights to your content. A reasonable fee will be charged to have your book listed on any e-book marketplace, while you will also have to offer a percentage of your profits from every sale to the e-book marketplace itself.

Whether you are looking for short story publishing online, or a serious print and publication service to handle your lengthy novel, it is very important to pay close attention to any contract you sign. If possible, try to always have a legal adviser present during any meeting with a potential publisher, agent, or other legal entity or business.