Send a Fax Online Using Just Your Email Address

Faxing technology is not the same it used to be when it first appeared.  Back then, the introduction of fax machines was a big step forward in the world of communications, allowing businesses to send and receive documents in just a matter of minutes, without having to send them via courier or similar services. Machines became very popular and they were included in the list of must-have office equipment.

More than three decades have passed since the first fax machines were introduced in the market, and the World is a much more different place now. While fax machines are still used to this very day by some businesses, the advent of Internet and wireless technology has changed the way we look at traditional faxing technology. New ways of communicating such as instant messaging, texting, voice mail and email just make us feel that machines are slow and outdated.

Does this means that faxing technology has come to an end? Not at all, as I said before there are still hundreds of thousands of companies that still rely on this technology, but now faxing is faster and more affordable than before thanks to the development of email fax services.

Email fax services are companies that own fax servers and they offer this technology for users of all levels, allowing them to send and receive faxes using their emails. This was a type of technology that was previously available only to big companies, but now you can find fax service plans for as low as $5 a month.  There are many benefits of using an email fax service, let’s take a look at some of them.

A dedicated virtual fax number: Upon registering with a fax service online, you’ll receive a free Internet fax number which will redirect all incoming fax images to the fax servers for conversion.  Faxes will be converted to an Adobe Acrobat document and then they will be sent to your email as an attachment.  This number is given to you at no extra charge and you have the possibility of choosing between a local number or a toll-free one.

Compatibility with free email addresses: Do you need to send Gmail fax? This is very easy because fax services are compatible with free emails, not just Gmail but also Hotmail, Yahoo and any other email of your choice.  Don’t worry about making a bad impression with a free email address because people send you faxes will only have to dial your virtual fax number.

Compatibility with different operating systems:  Do you use a Mac? Don’t worry, this fax technology is web based, which means that it is compatible with all types of computers and OS available in today’s market.  As long as you have access to Internet and a web browser, you can fax online.

Ability to fax anywhere: Not only you can fax in different places with the help of your laptop, you can also download special iPhone fax apps that will turn your smartphone into a virtual fax machine capable of sending and receiving faxes.  Similar apps can be found for Android and Blackberry phones.