Pure Class: Ilse Jacobsen Rain Boots

There are three styles that come in Ilse Jacobsen Rain Boots. Short Ankle Boots, Medium Mid Calf Boots and Tall Knee High Boots all carry trend, fashion, comfort and practicality. These boots are a structure of quality. Little details in these boots are implausible. From raw material to crafty European manufacturing, these boots present an incomparable outcome.

Ilse Jacobsen has been producing boots for eighteen years. It is an internationally recognized brand with great reputation. What makes them so artistic is the fact that they are handmade built with natural and eco friendly materials. The boots do not harm greenery or any other natural resource. Ilse Jacobsen do not work with harmful chemicals.

Ilse Jacobsen rain boots are not just boots, they are a legacy. Each boot gets a unique touch since each one gets personalized handling. The headquarters of Ilse Jacobsen are located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Ilse Jacobsen legacy

Ilse Jacobsen offer their customers a broad range of products. Their styles are immaculate and have attained worldwide recognition. The best thing about Ilse Jacobsen is that their products are very affordable despite their high quality components. Many renowned designers and fashion industry critics have endorsed Ilse Jacobsen. In a short time, the company has achieved commendable acclaims. Their manufacturing, styles and selling mechanisms are unique. They keep adding new products on regular basis. This brand has grown tremendously and is still growing without showing any signs of stopping. They focus more on excellence than making sales; therefore the quality is never compromised.

Ilse Jacobsen Rain Boots

Here are brief descriptions of each of the three Ilse Jacobsen Rain Boots:

Short Ankle Boots

These are the smallest size in all of the Ilse Jacobsen footwear. They are specifically designed for people looking for comfortable and stylish yet sturdy footwear for rough use. These boots are one hundred percent water proof. This allows the feet to stay warm and dry no matter how harsh the weather gets. These boots are ideally suited to people who like to be “rough and tough”. You can take these boots to the extreme and they won’t crack, such is the sturdiness. It is hard to believe that Short Ankle Boots are so strong yet nothing has been aesthetically compromised. They stand tall and proud in any fashion book.

Medium Mid Calf Boots

The Ilse Jacobsen Medium Mid Calf Boots are a symbol of art and science. They are specifically engineered to get rid of the very common tired feet syndrome. Their soles are designed in a way that they encage air bubbles into the rubber. This gives additional support to the foot and the person wearing them feels lightweight. They are very practical for people who want to go outdoors in a wet season. Upon viewing, one finds the Medium Mid Calf Boots appealing. The laces are separate but of complementing color. The height of the shoes goes up to half of the user’s calf on average.

Tall Knee High Boots

The Tall Knee High Boots are manufactured from 100% pure leather. They have a one inch thick heal which makes them unbelievably strong. They are suited for every weather condition. Tall Knee High Boots are a trend setter is the industry of high boots. There is a large variety of designs and colors available in these water shoes.