Polyurethanes Sealants On Pine Interior Doors

There are several types of sealer available at hand, but if you are going to protect a wood surface in particular, polyurethane is recommended as use. The pine wood is a softwood material that can soak up moisture, if not protected with a high quality sealant. For a wood variety like pine, the large pores should be locked in. This is to avoid early deterioration due to shrinkage and swelling of the wood surface. Untimely weakening of doors made of pine is a result of the wrong application of the sealer or it must be the surface of the pine wood itself that is the problem.

Polyurethanes SealantsNatural wood like what pine interior doors are made of has a rough texture. It holds knots and over time, it is prone to get dents, holes and scratches. Therefore, if you want a perfect or a nearly faultless surface, you have to work thoroughly during the preparation; this is prior to application of the polyurethane sealer. Urethane sealant has been preferred over the years due to the following characteristics, which of course would give benefit by providing you a door with a lifetime use.

  • Resistant to chemicals and water
  • Produce different levels of sheen on the door surface
  • It is quick to dry, making it ideal for fast-track projects
  • Create a durable film locking up pores in the pine door

Method of Application
Sealing your pine door is of utmost importance. Just like heart pine flooring, it is easily damaged if not protected. As suggested, polyurethanes work well with woods. When it is to be applied on the door surface, all you need is a soft paintbrush or a roller to have the whole process done. However, other products come in spray cans. This type of sealant is beneficial when applied over a pine door surface because it prevents the absorption of moisture, stains and other factors that may affect its stability. With polyurethanes, pine doors within the house are made to last with you for several years.

The use of a polyurethane sealant is very essential, especially with interior doors that are made of pine. Even though it is not subjected to too much hazards from the environment as compared to exterior doors, still its application is needed, if you want a door that will last for so long. It gives off a glossy shine that will enhance the knots and grain patterns present on the surface. As long as you have done the right surface preparation like sanding and removing off the dust particles, a pine door sealed with polyurethane will give you the look and durability you have been in search of.