Beware of Gold Buying through Infomercial Scams

Be aware of gold buying scam

Scamming probably began when the human race began. With time scammers and frauds have improvised their techniques. Now days, the scammers use methods which are clever and ‘hi-tech’ if you will. In the old days, if you had locked your doors you were safe but now scammers are not kept away by doors. They have […] Read more »

Mistakes in Writing a Resume

Resume is very important for landing you a good job

Your resume is actually your ticket to get yourself a slot for an interview even if your are the star in your field and recruited by head hunters, it is inevitable for professionals and companies to ask for your resume even though they know who you are and the skills that you are capable of. […] Read more »

Pain Killer Addiction: A Growing Concern

You need help when you have painkiller addiction

Painkiller addiction is real, and it is a problem that goes unobserved for many people. It might take the shape of finishing off a bottle of prescriptions from when you had operation, stealing medication from others, or even buying drugs on the boulevard. Despite the consequences when we think of a drug addition, descriptions of […] Read more »

Can we make a Career out of Christian Counseling Jobs?

Studying ancient languages are not easy

Christian counseling jobs can be made into a full time profession these days. Although it is not for everyone, you have to have a passion for the field if you want to advance in it. Before you become Christian counselor, you would require some learning and formal education. The main reason humans educate themselves is […] Read more »

Techniques for Log Home Restoration

It's always a good idea to restore your log home to its full health and beauty.

A lot of people may have inherited log homes that are already several decades old so it is always a good idea to restore to bring it back to full health and beauty. Some old log homes have the benefit of using rare wood that might no longer be readily available today. It’s equally important […] Read more »

Great Tools for Dog Training at Home

Dog training at home can be fun with the right tools

There are plenty of great reasons to try dog training at home – home training is cheap, comfortable, and best of all, you learn a whole lot about your furry student along the way! Even if you already take group classes with a professional you’ll see a vast improvement once you start practicing some of […] Read more »

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How to Make a Good Cup of Coffee at Home

You need good coffee beans to make nice coffee

Let’s make some coffee that doesn’t taste nasty.  I’m serious.  Let’s learn how to make coffee that isn’t just sock water in a mug.  Coffee that actually tastes good.  Sound hard?  Ah, well, I have excellent news then – it isn’t!  I can teach you how to make coffee at home and it won’t cost […] Read more »

How To Create Your Own Bug Out Bag

A bug out bag should be equipped with all of the necessities for emergency

The purpose of this article is to teach you how to make a “Bug out bag”- a 3 day survival kit that you can rely on in emergencies. It should be equipped with all of the necessities to help get you through those critical first 72 hours after an emergency. You’ll want a weather resistant […] Read more »

About the Half Moon Party

Full Moon Party is anything but forgettable

It is one of those things in life that number two is never remembered. Those who took a gold medal or a Christmas number 1 in the billboard 100 go into the popular memory. As do the highest mountains, the most expensive diamonds or the biggest animals. The superlative number one is worth keeping in […] Read more »