Overcome Your Dental Phobia And Anxiety With Sedation Dentistry

Many individuals have developed fear and phobia with dental procedure because of the needles and injections that are utilized during the procedure. Some may even have a bad experience with the dentist and the treatment that gave them anxiety even every time they hear of dental appointment or dental treatment. Good thing there is now an innovative technique that can be applied in order to alleviate the fear and anxiety of every dental patient. This method is known as sedation dentistry.

Sedation dentistry is a popular method being used in the dental industry, and it serves a lot of purposes. The primary benefit is providing the patient a more relaxing dental experience. This is also convenient for the dentist because he can easily perform the procedure in the fastest possible time and the safest way. This method will even lessen the dental appointments of the patient because the treatment can be finished in a faster manner. There are different causes of dental phobia. Here are some triggering factors that every individual should be aware of:

  • Fear of injections and shots
  • Put a smile on your face

  • Fear of needles
  • Hearing and feeling the sound of a dental drill
  • The background noises inside the dental clinic
  • The patient has developed the phobia as a child seeing the parents having anxiety attacks during dental appointments.

Other contributing factors may include:

  • Strong gag reflex
  • Difficulty becoming numb or asleep
  • Sensitive teeth and gums
  • Having a terrible and traumatic past dental experience

These factors may be normal, but as a dental patient it is necessary to overcome your phobia with dental treatment because it is important to maintain a healthy and good set of teeth. Usually, dental professionals would advice to visit the dentist for cleaning and check up every 6 months. This is to maintain the teeth and the gums, and prevent it from being spoiled.

There are different sedation dentistry methods to apply. The patient can choose from methods with or without injections. It is understandable that many patients fear injections and needles, so they can certainly utilize a technique with the no use of any needle.

  • Oral sedation Oral sedatives that the patient can intake may include Halcion, Valium, Xanax or inhalant agents. This method does not require any procedure with injections and can be taken by the patient orally. This is usually ingested the night before the dental procedure to ensure that the sedative would take effect. The dentist will provide prescriptions ahead of time and he will ensure that the medication is safe for patients to ingest.
  • IV (Intravenous) sedation This method is done with sedatives via an injection in the arm or hand area. A professional anesthesiologist will be the one to perform the procedure. This method is best for patients who are afraid of dental drills and injections that are performed. It would be much comfortable to inject the sedative on the hand to keep the patient feel at ease.
  • Nitrous Oxide This is also known as laughing gas. This will help the patients stay calm during the dental treatment. This method is also applied together with a local anesthesia that is pain-free.

Whatever method of sedation dentistry you would want to utilize, just make sure that you consult the proper technique to your dentist. Make sure that you are also comfortable with the method in order to help you feel much comfortable and safe. Do not hesitate to ask questions from the dentist because as a patient, you have the right to be knowledgeable of what is going to happen to you under the sedative drug.