My Favorite TV Shows From Britain

I love TV shows and enjoy keeping up to date with the latest TV series, from America to Australia to Britain – they’re all good! Here is a list of my favorite shows from Britain. The British really do produce shows that are absolutely hilarious. I mean, comparing American humor to British humor is like comparing apples and oranges, they’re both good – but in very different ways. I’m a real sucker for British comedy, it just resonates with me, so here are a few of my favorite comedies when it comes to TV shows from the great land of England!



Currently playing its third season, I absolutely love this show. It’s quite a dark comedy, and is a little bit ‘rude’, so if you’re not into that sort of thing I suggest you give it a miss. But whenever I watch it I find myself laughing hysterically, so if that’s not a good comedy, what is?

The show is basically about five teenagers in Britain who are doing ‘community service’ for getting into trouble with the law. They are an unlikely bunch, but then a crazy storm strikes the area where they are working, and gives them all magical powers. Yes, yes, I know it sounds absurd, but you HAVE to give this show a chance, it’s totally worth it! Anyway this unlikely bunch get up to all sorts of mischief and into all sorts of trouble with these powers, and it could not be more entertaining if it tried.

Black Books:
Starring Bernard Black (played by Dylan Moran), the constantly drunk and abusive book shop owner (he hates customers who come into his shop and disturb the peace) and his new assistant to be Manny (a gentle hearted soul who is often ridiculed by the evil Bernard) – hang on, I just looked at what I just wrote and it sounds like I’m summarizing some sort of horror drama. Black Books is actually a hilarious comedy show. Of course Bernard is a bit obnoxious (and does drink a lot), but the shenanigans he and Manny get up to make for simply great TV.

Black Books

What’s not to love about a store owner who hates his own customers?

The Office (UK Version):
I cannot recommend enough the UK version of The Office over the US version of The Office. Then again, comparing UK and US comedy is like comparing dogs and cats. Some people only love one or the other, and there an odd few that love both (me, for example). But Ricky Gervais did the UK version first, and it is the best.

The Office (UK)

With David Brent (Ricky Gervais) being the ‘best boss’ around, seeking constant validation of his hilarity from his staff and colleagues, it is an extremely AWKWARD show to watch. But on the flip side, out of this awkwardness sprouts comedy of the finest degree. With characters like Gareth and Tim, and the constant office antics they all get up to, this is a show that I can watch at least once a year. Some scenes are so memorable I still find myself talking about them with friends and laughing about it, years onwards!

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