How To Properly Advertise Your Real Estate Property

Choosing what to use in your advertisement for a property for rent is important because it would affect the effectiveness of the same. In order to get a big crowd from which you can make your decision, you need to advertise effectively. Just think how the best companies use advertisements to buy their products.   It is important to be completely honest about the rental space because sooner or later the truth would emerge and so there is no point in providing false information now. Apart from including real estate taglines to the advertisements, the following should also be included:

Rental rate: If you want to attract potential tenants then you will have to charge a price that is either lower than the market rate or at par with the market rate. These days, most of the tenants are knowledgeable about the rates, therefore putting a higher rate will be like digging your own grave!

Square foot area: Apart from the price, the next thing that tenants are interested in knowing would be the square footage of the place for rent. You should put this information out there loud and clear and also have a blueprint accompany it.  This is also very important to consider when calculating how much rent you will be charging.  The size and square footage of the rental property can increase or decrease the properties value depending on how much the comparable properties are renting for in the near by neighborhoods.

Location:This is another important factor that you shouldn’t miss out in the advertisement. Mention the name of the main street, and maybe some of the nearby landmarks in order to help people understand where exactly is the location of the place.

Advertise your property properly

Type of lease offered: As a landlord, you can feel free to use a yearly lease or a monthly lease. Of course from the tenants’ point of view a monthly lease would be a more attractive choice, but from a landlord’s perspective, a yearly lease would be better. So ultimately it is up to you as to whether you are willing to make the sacrifice and go with the tenant’s preferred choice of lease or not.

Additional features: Additional features can be anything that aren’t normally included with most of the apartments such as balconies, decks, cabinets that are newly installed, appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, etc. These should be mentioned in the advertisement as well to grab attention.

Number of tenants allowed and pets: It is important to mention in the advertisement as to whether pets like cats, dogs, etc are allowed or not. Also, it would be better if one specifies the maximum number of people allowed to occupy one room, like two, three, etc.  Surprisingly allowing your tenants to have pets can actually raise the value of the rents although make sure you get a deposit as pets can cause a lot of damage.

Contact details: Of course the advertisement should contain the columns for contact details as well so that interested individuals can contact you quickly and clear their doubts or seek answers to their questions. Details like name, mobile number, landline number and email address would suffice.