How To Make Money Online With Facebook

Believe it or not, Facebook can be used for much more than just letting your friends know about a great dinner at a local restaurant. If properly used, Facebook can create traffic to a business website or actually generate income directly from the page using different tools such as running a Facebook competition. Depending upon what type of business you have or products you are selling, chances are there is always a way to make money with Facebook.

Create a Business Page
Anyone using Facebook can create a business page that can serve as a great way to keep in contact with customers. It offers a great venue to offer specials and coupons to all members. By letting everyone know that if they join they will receive exclusive offers, they will have incentive to like the page. This will keep the business fresh in their minds whenever they need services the business offers.

Facebook Garage Sale AppFacebook
We all have things we need to get rid of in our home and this app is a great way to make that happen. By adding “Garage Sale” to a profile, the user can list unwanted items in their home that they are looking to sell. While there is a five percent commission on the each sale, that is the only fee involved. It is right on par with eBay and other auction sites and using a good social media agency can help a huge amount here.

Speaking of eBay…users can tie their eBay accounts directly to their Facebook accounts. Whenever an auction is listed, it will show up on your status updates. This is a great way to get the news out to friends and family when items are going up for sale. After posting, encourage them to share the post on their wall to help gain even more exposure.

These are just three of the ways to help increase your bank account when using Facebook, but there are quite a few more. Facebook is loaded with different applications that allow users to earn some extra cash just for using the site and encouraging their friends to buy products that they themselves enjoy. With very little effort, a person will soon see some extra money in their account every month!