How to Make a Good Cup of Coffee at Home

Let’s make some coffee that doesn’t taste nasty.  I’m serious.  Let’s learn how to make coffee that isn’t just sock water in a mug.  Coffee that actually tastes good.  Sound hard?  Ah, well, I have excellent news then – it isn’t!  I can teach you how to make coffee at home and it won’t cost you gobs of money or very much of your time.  Ready to get started?  Okay.

You Need Good Coffee Beans

You need good coffee beans to make nice coffee

When I say good coffee beans, I don’t mean just buying the most expensive whole bean coffee that you can find at the grocery store.  Quite the opposite actually.  Leave the grocery store.  Yeah, just pretend you never even went there.  They will over charge you for stale coffee beans that will actually get in the way of making seriously amazing coffee.  Find a local coffee roaster in your area.  Can’t find one?  Look online for a coffee roaster who will mail you coffee.  Not only will it be significantly more fresh than grocery store coffee, it will be a higher quality coffee bean.

Get a Conical Burr Grinder

A burr grinder (source: Wikipedia)

Without a burr coffee grinder you’re stuck either buying ground coffee or grinding with a blade grinder, neither of which I would recommend.  However, with an investment in a decent burr grinder you will be able to crush coffee beans properly, which will allow a better extract, and a better flavor profile in the beverage you produce.  These range in prices so even if you’re on a serious budget you can find a less expensive one (even manual) to grind your coffee beans.

Try Some Awesome Brew Methods

Still using that drip coffee maker?  Sure, it’s fine, it won’t ruin your coffee – but there are a lot of better alternatives, some of which won’t cost you much money to get started in.  I recommend starting with something inexpensive and easy to learn like a pour over apparatus, my personal favorite of which is the Hario v60 – which is a ceramic drip cone.  You just set the cone on top of the coffee mug, put ground coffee into a filter that you set inside the cone, and you pour hot water over the contraption in a circular method.  Super easy to learn – in fact, the first time that I ever used my Hario v60 I made an amazing cup of coffee.  Which is why I recommend it above and beyond any other method for people who are just getting started.  It’s a very fun device to use, it costs about twenty dollars, it is very durable, dishwasher safe, and like I said, I it insanely easy to learn.

That’s really all there is to it.  You need to have high quality beans to make good coffee, but as I have shown you, these are not difficult to attain.  You need a conical burr grinder to use for grinding your coffee, not a blade grinder, and definitely not coffee that is already ground.  Once you’ve got those taken care of all you need is to start experimenting with some fun and exciting brew methods and you’re all set!