How to Combat Fatigue by Fighting Insomnia-causing Stress

Insomnia can directly influence how our bodies behave when we are awake. But did you know that stress can be one of the causes of insomnia? Apart from a number of other causes of insomnia, stress from work, school, and or other important events in our lives can readily affect our sleeping patterns.

Not only can stress cause insomnia, it can cause poor sleep quality as well. Poor quality of sleep means the amount of cell regeneration and brain regeneration is not of the same as it used to be. The reason why sleep is not of the same quality as before is the constant waking up cycles that happen throughout the whole sleeping process. Having a gnawing anxiety from work, school, or business can lead to a discontinuous sleep.

The cycle is inevitably causing a downward spiral. The more stress, the poorer the quality of sleep, and the more sleepless nights we experience. The more sleepless our nights are or the worse quality sleep we get, the more we tend to become inattentive and drowsy during working hours, causing less productivity thus directly causing more stress.

Somewhere within the loop, something must be stopped. Whether it is the stress or the poor sleep quality, a regulating factor must be introduced in order to prevent a head-on collision to migraine, fatigue, feeling tired and nervous breakdown. Thus, trying to stop both with good work habits and natural treatments for insomnia is the key.

Good Work Habits

It’s never good to keep everything within your head. A very good work habit is to have a master list of things to be done at work and at home. Not all things need to be done accordingly, some things need to be delegated or refused to be done. Upon reception of a delegated task, always ask yourself if it’s an action that can be done within two minutes. If it is, then do it right away, because it takes approximately 2 minutes to schedule, organize, and file that action in your to-do list. If not, ask the next question which is, whether it is an actionable item or not, if it is, ask yourself what is the next physical action to take to accomplish it and when you can take these steps to complete the action. If it’s not actionable at all, then put it in a separated list which is for a weekly review. If you trust this system to work things out for you then you eliminate the gnawing sense of anxiety that you get when things to be done are scattered all over the place.

Natural Treatments for Insomnia

Natural treatments for insomnia can be found in a number of items in your grocery store. Milk, poultry, turkey, peanuts, and corn are rich in tryptophan, an ammino acid that is essential in both muscle development and the production of melatonin within our pineal gland. Melatonin is a naturally-occurring anti-oxidant that helps people get over sleep disorders as well as prevent a number of diseases. High-carbohydrate foods such as whole wheat bread, cereals and oats also help regulate sugar levels and release insulin. Insulin also helps us get to sleep much faster by aiding the processing of tryptophan. It’s no wonder we get so sleepy after a thanksgiving dinner.