How to Choose the Best Type of Purse Organizer

Have you ever experienced the hassle of having a pile of purses all mixed up in your closet? Have you ever had to rummage through a huge, messy pile just to find that purse you need for today’s outfit? If this happens to be a usual scenario for you, then it’s high time you get yourself a closet purse organizer.

Closet purse organizers come in so many different styles, shapes, and sizes. There will surely be one design out there that will be perfect for your preferences and for the specific place where you plan to have it placed. Here are just some of the different types of organizers:

Purse Organizer Racks
First is the type of purse organizer that you hang over your closet door, such as a hanging purse rack. This can be really easy to assemble and can be a great way to save space.  It is usually made of a long cloth, plastic, or steel structure with several hooks on which you can hang the purses. This is perfect for you if all your purses have straps and if your purses are not too stiff or structured. Otherwise, this may not be the best purse organizer for you if you are afraid of other purses overlapping with and leaving dents on the purses that are at the bottom. Plus, if you have really bulky purses, it can be an eyesore to see huge bags piling up over your closet door. However, because of their simplicity, these are the cheapest purse organizers you can get. You can buy one for around $10 from Amazon.

Jokari Hanging Purse RackJokari Hanging Purse Rack BagRack9 - Handbag and Purse OrganizerBagRack9 Handbag and Purse Organizer

Pocket Purse Organizers
If your purses are really small and not structured, you can go for the pocket organizer which will not look as bulky as the door hanger type of purse organizer. This is usually made of plastic or cloth material which has several pockets. You will also need to hang this either on the wall or on your closet door but this will look a lot neater since the bags don’t really overlap and are barely even visible. Bigger purses might need to be folded though since they may not fit perfectly into the thin pockets. This is usually fine for cloth purses. Otherwise, you will find dents all over your leather or plastic purses which will ruin the aesthetic value of your bag.

Pocket Purse Organizers

Purse Organizers with Compartments
If you just want to keep your purses upright and if you don’t want any of them overlapping or folded, the perfect type for you would be the closet purse organizer with different compartments. Although it may take up a little more space and it may also require a little bit of assembly, you are sure you can create ample space for purses, especially for the ones that do not have straps. These are either made of wood, plastic, or fiberglass and some even have adjustable compartments. It can also double as storage space for other accessories.

Purse organizers with compartments

There are more styles or designs out there that you can choose from. The best thing to do is to do your research online. Amazon is one of the best places to find purse organizers at a cheap price. I am sure you know how to search for the products, however to save your time, I have also picked a few decent ones that might catch your eyes, check them out on Amazon. Whichever type you choose, what’s important is that you are sure to find the purse that you are looking for this time and you can be sure that your purses are going to be clean and well taken care of.