Horse Show Competition: What to Wear to Win?

Dress to Impress with Horse Show Competition Clothes

Participants in a horse show competition need to remember one of the most important rules of engagement: In the arena, they are being judged almost entirely on the impression they make. This makes it critical to leave no detail overlooked when preparing for a horse show. Further, the horse is not the only party being judged–in addition to grooming the horse, the rider needs to look immaculate as well.

1. Any equipment used must meet the requirements set by the club or association hosting the horse show. Always make time to read the rulebook in its entirety to avoid losing points due to ignorance of the rules.

2. Because riders are being judged on their appearance, there is absolutely no excuse for their looking anything less than their best. Not only will careful wardrobe planning assist in making a lasting, positive impression in the arena, it will also boost confidence, as everyone feels, and performs, better when they know they are looking their best.

What Will It Cost?

With careful planning, and dedication to purchasing the most high-quality items you can afford, you should be able to put together a top-notch horse show competition wardrobe without breaking the bank. One rule of thumb to abide by is to reserve most of your funds for the most important items–everything that will be visible once in the arena–and economize elsewhere. For instance, you can choose to stay at an economy hotel instead of a more expensive one, or pull your trailer with an ordinary pickup truck rather than investing in a showy horse trailer. After all, no one is judging you when you’re in the parking lot.

Dress to impress in a horse show

A new rider building a wardrobe from the ground up should anticipate investing approximately a thousand dollars into new gear. You will need a hat, chaps, a blanket, and western clothing suitable for various shows. Bear in mind that by purchasing high-quality, well-made items, you can expect them to last for years to come. In the event you stop attending horse shows, they will also retain significant value for resale. It is important to remember this is an investment, not an expense.

What Colors Should I Buy?

Color is a big factor in making yourself, and your horse, stand out from the crowd. You will want to choose things you like, but also colors that will flatter your horse. Remember that your horse is the real star of the show, and will be the primary focus of attention–not you.

The range of greens and blues are fairly universally flattering on any color horse, making them a good choice if you show numerous horses, or you are unsure what color horse you may be showing. Not only are these striking colors, they remain visible from a distance, which makes them even more effective choices.

Always take the time to make the very best impression you can at horse show competitions. While the judges are indeed checking out your skills, your look could well be the one thing that rockets you to the next level in horse shows.