Effective Advertising With Highly Persuasive Vinyl Banners

One of the main roles served by vinyl advertising banners is what may be viewed as the ‘persuasive’ role: where the people making the banners hope to influence the viewers of the banners to act (or think) in certain ways. This may be a case where a retailer uses vinyl advertising banners strategically placed outside his or her store, to persuade passersby to venture inside the store. It may be about a government agency (or a non governmental organization) trying to get people to behave in a certain way, through the use of strategically positioned vinyl banners.

In fact, it can be argued that wherever banners are used, the objective is always to ‘persuade’ people to behave in a certain way: though the explicitness or implicitness of the persuasion tends to differ from case to case. Thus, a shopkeeper placing a banner announcing an ‘offer’ outside his or her shop would be undertaking an exercise in explicit persuasion (the ultimate objective being to get people to venture into the store). On the other hand, an event organizer putting up a banner bearing the event’s theme would be undertaking an exercise in implicit persuasion (the ultimate objective being to subtly get the attendees to start reflecting on that theme).

How to make your advertising more effective

Banners can be a great advertising tool

Of course, we also know that persuading people is never easy – especially where you are trying to get them to change certain behaviors. Thus getting a person who already had an itinerary to impulsively venture into a store (and possibly mess up with his schedule as well his budget) can be rather hard. But some of the ways in which you can come up with truly effective persuasive vinyl advertising banners would include:

Opting for bright/high intensity colors: you come to realize that the first challenge a banner-maker faces is that of ‘persuading’ people to look at his or her banners, before even attempting to pass along the desired message. But getting people to look at a banner is not always easy – especially in urban settings where there are numerous other competing (and potentially more interesting) sources of visual stimulation. In most cases, you have to grab the viewer’s attention by force, whilst making an effort to ensure that you are not too forceful lest you put-off the viewers at first sight.

Your specific choice of colors will naturally vary depending on what you are trying to communicate, but in all cases, you will need to use bright hues of those colors, if you are to grab viewers’ attention. Take note though, that ‘bright’ doesn’t always equate ‘light’ especially when we talk of color hues. In fact, dark blue (for instance), is likely to be more effective on banners than light blue. What may matter more is the intensity, where having chosen to work with a color such as ‘dark blue,’ you have to make it very intense in order to catch a viewer’s attention at first glance.

Displaying the banners at strategic locations: simply put, certain messages are best passed at certain locations. But in all cases, banners work best when placed in places with good human traffic because, when all is said and done, you first need to have access to the people, before you can even start thinking of persuading them in any way.

Selecting a brief but hard-hitting message: the best banners are those whose messages are crafted in such a way that persuasion gets initiated the moment the viewer lays his or her eyes on them. You will do even better with a poignant message which keeps on ringing in the viewers’ minds long after they have left the site where the banner was displayed.