Curtains With a World Traveler Look

The world traveler look is very popular in curtains right now. It’s a way that you can add a funky vibe to have the same neutral furniture that was popular a few years ago. We are also even seen this, both indoors and out and even on garden gazebo curtains and window blinds. This is a quick overview of a few of the popular styles.

If you want to work with your existing window treatments, or you have blinds in this space, then go for a sheer curtain. However, it really does need to have a pattern on it. Any kind of paisley, when combined with the sheer effect is going to give you more of the ethnic kind of feeling. This is also a way that you can do colors like rich terra-cotta, as well as olive greens. Since it is such a sheer material there is going to be a lot of light going through it. It’s not going to be as dramatic as if it was a more opaque material and then it’s also not going to be as in your face either.

Terracotta Curtain

Curtain with terra cotta design

When adding a new theme into your room, it’s important to pay homage to the theme that you already have. This means going with more of a modern kind of effect. Usually, the world traveler look is all about opulence. It uses a lot of dark colors and rich materials, and it can get quite expensive. Also, it can make small rooms feel a little bit claustrophobic just because it is so heavy on the accessories. Instead, just try going for pieces with a white background. This is very popular at stores like IKEA. Oftentimes, it will have more of a batik kind of print to it. This isn’t going to be as delicate as vintage lattice style prints, even if it is just in a two tone color palette. Instead, the pattern is going to be much bolder. This is the way that you can also relate to the white furniture in your room but bring in some beautiful cobalt blues again. The terra-cotta oranges which are something that you’re going to find a lot when you pick up accessories from around the world will usually be in these prints too.

You see a lot of hand painted tiles and rich pottery on travels and these two colors are very calming in these materials, but you’re going to need to find ways to coordinate it with the rest of the room. Bringing it into your window treatments is really a great way to do this. So whether you want a funky vibe or you just need to shop at a box store, but you don’t want to look like you’re shopping at a box store, try out more about global feeling with your window treatments.