Chaweng Beach In Thailand’s Koh Samui Island

Chaweng Beach is the biggest and most popular beach on the popular island of Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand. For those people who like a beach with plenty of amenities and a good nightlife Chaweng is the best choice on the island. For those looking for a quiet beach, far from the crowds other beaches on Koh Samui are to be recommended.

Chaweng can be divided into 3 areas: North Chaweng, Central Chaweng and Little Chaweng (Chaweng Noi). The main beach is 7km long. At the southern end of the bay is a headland and on the other side of the headland is the smaller Chaweng Noi. At the northern end of the bay there are coral reefs. It is possible to swim out and explore the colorful reefs. Nearby are 2 islands, the closest of which can be walked to at low tide. The farther one needs a kayak to reach.

The northern end of Chaweng beach is the quietest part. The central and middle parts get very busy during holiday periods. Along the beach there is an unbroken row of businesses each with sun loungers out front. Here beach vendors walk up and down the beach offering coconut, satay, pineapple and cold drinks. Other vendors are selling sarongs and beach wear. Although some people dislike vendors the ones on Chaweng don’t mind if you politely refuse them.

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The beach at Chaweng is separated from the coastal road that runs parallel by a bank of buildings. If you are not staying at a beachfront place it can be a difficult at first to find a way through to the beach.

There is a backpacker’s hostel at Chaweng and several locally owned guest houses at the budget end of the accommodation spectrum at Chaweng. The cheapest rooms in Chaweng cost about $15 a night. Most mid-range places cost between $30 and $50 a night. They nearly all have a restaurant and a communal pool.

Luxury resorts in Chaweng are some of the best in Thailand. You can find private pool villas, spas, fitness centers, conference facilities, marriage facilities and boutique style. Stand out places include the Library that has a red Italian mosaic pool and rooms with personal computers and Amari Palm Reef Resort that has 2 storey villas with mezzanine design. During the high season such exclusive places cost up to $650 a night.

In the streets of Chaweng you can find plenty of restaurants, shops, trendy bars and night clubs. There’s a great range of entertainment on offer from bowling to Brazilian samba and from live music to strip joints. The best and worst of Thai nightlife are on offer at Chaweng.

Although prices have been steadily rising in Thailand and especially in tourist places like Chaweng, the country still offers good value compared to holidaying in such places as Europe. The main advantage of Thailand is its great weather and the sunny disposition of its people.