Pure Class: Ilse Jacobsen Rain Boots

Ilse Jacobsen Rain Boots

There are three styles that come in Ilse Jacobsen Rain Boots. Short Ankle Boots, Medium Mid Calf Boots and Tall Knee High Boots all carry trend, fashion, comfort and practicality. These boots are a structure of quality. Little details in these boots are implausible. From raw material to crafty European manufacturing, these boots present an […] Read more »

An Affordable Lip Tattoo to Replace Liner and Lipstick

Lip Tattoos

Permanent makeup clinics offer women an affordable way to do away with lip liner pencils and lipstick forever. A dual procedures that involves a permanent lip liner on the upper and lower lips, as well as full lip color blending, solves the problem of bleeding and can even correct small imperfections in size and shape. […] Read more »

Laser Hair Removal At Home

Hair Removal

Lasers hair removal is being known as the newest in permanent removing of undesirable body hair. It is also promoted as a laser hair removal at home option to constantly waxing and shaving your legs and other body parts. It certainly has benefits but you must be conscious of laser hair removal facts ahead before […] Read more »

Different Kinds of Restylane Fillers


Choosing dermal fillers have been really popular because it provides and easy and less expensive options for people who wanted to make themselves look younger. One of the said filler is Retsylane. It is the trade name for a range of products with a specific formulation of non-animal sourced hyaluronic acid most commonly used for […] Read more »

The Appeal of Cubic Zirconia Rings

Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia CZ Wedding Engagement Ring Set

During this time of economic crisis, people often turn to the frugal alternative to be able to stick to the budget. Many women will disapprove of scrimping on something as symbolic as an engagement ring, but there is a time when practicality will overrule everything else. Sometimes it’s a matter of allocation. Couples decide together […] Read more »

Women’s Sweet Cravings and Glucose Levels

Woman and Chocolate Cake

A large number of women experience cravings for sugar, carbohydrates or alcohol. Indulging in their cravings may affect their blood glucose levels. These food cravings are not real eating disorders but may be signs of a hormonal imbalance because of the lack of proper nutrition and at times may be caused by biological processes such […] Read more »