Smallmouth Bass Fishing Rigs

Shimano Spirex 4000 Reel

Smallmouth bass fishing can be compared somewhat to largemouth bass fishing.  While smallmouth bass enjoy cooler waters than their big brothers, they have similar diets.  A lot of largemouth bass lures will work for smallmouth bass, and vice versa.  In certain waters, common largemouth bass fishing rigs, like the Carolina rig and the Texas rig, […] Read more »

Cross Training For A Total Body Workout

Cross Training Books on Amazon

People are aware of the need to be healthier because the reasons have been well documented. Exercising is an activity that a lot of people avoid although there are lots of medical conditions that could be helped by making a few changes. It may be that you find it hard to choose what type of […] Read more »

3 Tips for Getting Larger Muscles

Body By Design: The Complete 12-Week Plan to Transform Your Body Forever

Anyone who has been involved with bodybuilding for any length of time understands the importance of combining weight training with proper nutrition to get any kind of noticeable results. However, there are several other techniques that can play a large role in helping you to pack on slabs of new muscle mass. I want to […] Read more »