What Most People Miss When Buying a Replacement Pillow

Mediflow Waterbase Side Sleeper Pillow

Selecting a replacement pillow for a worn out 3-year old pillow is really a simple task for most people, but far too often these people are just content to get some sleep not knowing that they can get far more better sleep by selecting the correct pillow for their sleeping position and personal preferences. Overcomplicating […] Read more »

Techniques for Log Home Restoration

It's always a good idea to restore your log home to its full health and beauty.

A lot of people may have inherited log homes that are already several decades old so it is always a good idea to restore to bring it back to full health and beauty. Some old log homes have the benefit of using rare wood that might no longer be readily available today. It’s equally important […] Read more »

How to Make a Good Cup of Coffee at Home

You need good coffee beans to make nice coffee

Let’s make some coffee that doesn’t taste nasty.  I’m serious.  Let’s learn how to make coffee that isn’t just sock water in a mug.  Coffee that actually tastes good.  Sound hard?  Ah, well, I have excellent news then – it isn’t!  I can teach you how to make coffee at home and it won’t cost […] Read more »

Curtains With a World Traveler Look

Terracotta Curtain

The world traveler look is very popular in curtains right now. It’s a way that you can add a funky vibe to have the same neutral furniture that was popular a few years ago. We are also even seen this, both indoors and out and even on garden gazebo curtains and window blinds. This is […] Read more »

Applying An Epoxy Garage Floor Coating For Safety

Epoxy Floor Coating

If you live in a wet or cold climate then did you know you have potentially catastrophic slip hazard in your garage. If not, you are playing with dynamite because if our car drips water on your concrete floor it can get very slick. And, if you have any oil drips or stains, the potential […] Read more »

Three Rustic Bedroom Furniture Pieces I Highly Recommend

My Favorite Bedroom Furniture

This article lists three furniture pieces that are perfect for bedrooms of various designs and sizes. Each of the following master bedroom furniture pieces are built with such excellent quality craftsmanship that they can be treated as investments that can be passed down from generation to generation. You will be significantly impressed by the style […] Read more »