Pain Killer Addiction: A Growing Concern

You need help when you have painkiller addiction

Painkiller addiction is real, and it is a problem that goes unobserved for many people. It might take the shape of finishing off a bottle of prescriptions from when you had operation, stealing medication from others, or even buying drugs on the boulevard. Despite the consequences when we think of a drug addition, descriptions of […] Read more »

Getting Dressed Best For Winter Running


Winter is usually the time when most of us think about stopping our running as the weather gets too cold. However, it can be just as much fun to run in the winter as it is in the summer. It is just a case of preparing properly to deal with the changes in the weather. […] Read more »

The 5 Most Common Acne Treatment Mistakes

Acne Sad Face

The fact there is no guaranteed cure for acne means the entire process of finding a treatment can be very frustrating. There are pitfalls and challenges along the way as any long-time acne sufferer knows. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to make mistakes even when people are as careful as possible. Sometimes people fall prey to […] Read more »

How to Deal with Sleeping Problems with Natural Insomnia Treatment

I can't sleep

Insomnia has been a problem ever since the dawn of civilization. The moment that man has had things to worry about, the existence of insomnia began. Insomnia is caused by the increased brain activity in the arousal circuits of the brain. This can be caused by many things. Naturally, anxiety and other emotional stress-inducers can […] Read more »

Your LES Muscle and Preventing Acid Reflux or Heartburn

Upper GI

Your LES or lower esophageal sphincter muscle is a ring-shaped muscle located between your esophagus and stomach. Its purpose is to allow food and drink to travel down into your stomach and close tightly behind it to prevent anything from making its way back up. The reason for the burning sensation commonly referred to as […] Read more »

What Are The Best Ways To Stop Smoking For Good?


Finding out you have a health problem because of your smoking habit is undoubtedly a scary moment in your life, but it’s arguable even scarier when this shock isn’t enough to get you to stub out the cigarettes for good. If there is one thing that can help you recover from a smoking related illness […] Read more »