Monster High Dolls: Ideal Gifts for Boys and Girls


Monster High Doll is a new line of fashion dolls released in 2010 by the creator of Barbie Dolls – Mattel. Distinguishing themselves from those of other fashion doll lines, these characters are inspired by the famous monster movies and horror films. The main characters have names derived from the well known film characters such […] Read more »

Horse Show Competition: What to Wear to Win?

Dress to impress in a horse show

Dress to Impress with Horse Show Competition Clothes Participants in a horse show competition need to remember one of the most important rules of engagement: In the arena, they are being judged almost entirely on the impression they make. This makes it critical to leave no detail overlooked when preparing for a horse show. Further, […] Read more »

Great Tools for Dog Training at Home

Dog training at home can be fun with the right tools

There are plenty of great reasons to try dog training at home – home training is cheap, comfortable, and best of all, you learn a whole lot about your furry student along the way! Even if you already take group classes with a professional you’ll see a vast improvement once you start practicing some of […] Read more »

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How To Create Your Own Bug Out Bag

A bug out bag should be equipped with all of the necessities for emergency

The purpose of this article is to teach you how to make a “Bug out bag”- a 3 day survival kit that you can rely on in emergencies. It should be equipped with all of the necessities to help get you through those critical first 72 hours after an emergency. You’ll want a weather resistant […] Read more »

About the Half Moon Party

Full Moon Party is anything but forgettable

It is one of those things in life that number two is never remembered. Those who took a gold medal or a Christmas number 1 in the billboard 100 go into the popular memory. As do the highest mountains, the most expensive diamonds or the biggest animals. The superlative number one is worth keeping in […] Read more »

My Favorite TV Shows From Britain


I love TV shows and enjoy keeping up to date with the latest TV series, from America to Australia to Britain – they’re all good! Here is a list of my favorite shows from Britain. The British really do produce shows that are absolutely hilarious. I mean, comparing American humor to British humor is like […] Read more »

Secrets to Better Photography


Photography is one of the hardest businesses to break into. There is speculation on why this is the case. Some people feel that the community is very elitist and others feel it is all about the quality of your camera. I’m a firm believer that the camera has very little to do with it. Sure […] Read more »