Studying Ancient Languages

Studying ancient languages are not easy

I’ll be the first to admit that studying ancient languages is not easy.  This is especially true for what we call dead languages i.e. Latin, Greek, or Ancient Hebrew.  Languages that are no longer spoken naturally in any country are very difficult to pick up on, because full immersion in the language is quite literally […] Read more »

Online Book Publishing Options

Publish on Amazon Kindle

The internet has made it much easier for authors to have their title published and distributed throughout the entire world. Through online-based companies that offer print on demand (POD) publishing, E-book marketplace listings, and various other methods of book publishing online, authors can earn a potentially limitless amount of revenue for the books they write. […] Read more »

Short Story Publishing and Book Promotion

Publishing for Profit

The career of an independent author can be tough. Fortunately, with the assistance provided by online sources and various publishing or printing companies that focus on independent projects, the author of today has plenty of opportunities to choose from. Short story publishing can be an extremely profitable and quick process if you have the right […] Read more »

How A Magazine Is Bound

Fellowes Pulsar 300 Comb Binding Machine

In most cases, a magazine is typically bound with perfect binding. Many people don’t know what perfect binding is and they read magazines every day of their life. The process is rather amazing and it might be interesting to some. Some people don’t care where things come from, or how it is made, but perfect […] Read more »

The Appeal of Clean Romance Novels

Alene Roberts: Gustavia Browne

Clean romance novels are a fresh alternative to the common romance books of today. Most romance novels out in bookstores now are filled with graphic love scenes that can sometimes rob the book of its real value. If you want a better experience with love stories you can try clean romance novels instead. These clean […] Read more »