Buy Lightweight Luggage: A Short Guide

Many travelers believe that traveling happy means travelling light. Well this does not necessarily mean traveling with just a few most essential items and struggle along the way. There is a solution for the heavy packers. They do not have to worry too much about overpacking and paying extra fees for exceeding the baggage allowance, if they use lightweight luggage. Lightweight luggage is the most desirable luggage on the market because of the great convenience and security it offers. If you are interested in considering it as your next luggage purchase, or you are looking to buy one right now, here is a short guide to the most popular brands and features of the most popular lightweight suitcases.

Samsonite Cosmolite Spinner Lightweight Luggage
Maybe one of the most famous brands for lightweight luggage is Samosnite. Their Samsonite Cosmolite Spinner model is a hit on the market. This suitcase has a hard shell design and it was built to last. The designers had probably had a vision that it will last forever because it is highly secured and protected. It has a combination lock and a handle on the side. You can find it in a wide range of different colors. The Cosmolite lightweight luggage rage has 3 different sizes to available: 20″, 27″ and 32″. Priced from $375 up to $600 depending on its capacity, it may cost a small fortune, but you are paying for the quality as well as the name.

Samsonite CosmoLite Luggage

Antler Lightweight Suitcases
Antler is another leading lightweight luggage manufacturer which has great product reviews from consumerss all around the world. It is a UK based company, very innovative and with classy designs one can really rely on. Their Airlight medium suitcase can be convenient for both individual and family traveling. You can use it for many different traveling occasions whether it be business or vacation. Unlike the hard shelled thermoplastic case which Samsonite has on offer, this suitcase is made of soft materials. You can choose from three color tones: gray, red and black and you can enjoy the convenience of the expandable handle you can use for sliding the suitcase alongside. The price tag is a bit higher in this case as well, but it is really worth it.

Aluminium Rimowa Luggage
Rimowa is a European company based in Germany. It has been around since 1898 and offers high tech aluminum shelled suitcases which never bent nor can change their shape. Salsa Air is one lightweight model designed in polycarbonate. It is highly secured with TSA function lock; it has 4 wheels and handles on the top and the side. The practical divided compartments offer easy packing and the zippers make your items even more protected. The color tones you can choose it in are gold, navy, aquamarine and ultra violet. This is maybe one of the most highly priced pieces of luggage on the market and it comes with a price tag of $400 for one of the smallest model.

Rimowa Aluminium Suitcases