Bring The Outdoors In With Bay Window Treatments

Do you like the exotic look of bay windows in your home? If you are one of the few people that are fortunate enough to have these beautiful windows, then you may be searching for new bay window treatments. Bay windows project out of a room creating expansive views and the illusion of more space. Because of this, you do not want to hide this benefit with overbearing window treatments.

Many people think that they need to pay a professional to get custom bay window treatments. While this may be true in some cases, with the vast power of the Internet, you probably can accomplish this yourself. You know your home better than anyone else. A professional will just reaffirm what you already know. This does not mean that you should not visit a reputable window treatments dealer.

How To Create Stunning Bay Window Treatments
If you have just installed bay windows in your home would you want your guests to say “Wow, I love your new window curtains” or would you rather hear “Your bay windows are breath taking”? Do you see the big difference? The bay windows should be the main event you walk into a home. Cover them up with some gaudy curtains and you may have ruined these beautiful masterpieces. Custom bay window treatments should be barely noticeable.

Dinning Room Bay Window Treatment

Dinning Room Bay Window (Photo Credit: Ryan-O)

Sheer Window Curtains
Can you imagine yourself relaxing in your favorite part of your home looking out your bay windows with a fresh brewed cup of hot coffee? This is what bay windows were made for. If you add sheer curtains to them, you will still get all the benefits of the spectacular views with the additional benefit of gentle light blocking properties from the sheer material. You can purchase sheer window curtains and gentle hues ranging from light blue to peach. The colors you choose must be subtle and barely noticeable.

Roller Window Shades
When you hear the words “roller shades” you may be thinking of those old-fashioned shades that are wrapped around spring-loaded rollers that grandma used. But today, roller window shades also include a non-spring-loaded variety of cloth fabric and wood slats that roll up manually. Roller shades are great for people who want the best use possible and occasionally want complete privacy and 100% sun blocking properties of roller window blinds. You will get all of this and more with roller window shades.

Roman Shades
If you are looking for modern looking roller shades, then maybe people choose woven Roman shades. Because they are woven, sunlight will gently diffuse through the gaps. This is desirable because most people do not want complete darkness.

Roman blinds are appropriate for most types of bay windows. Because they are fabric that is folded up to the top of a window by pulling a chord, you get a simple blind that does not detract from the bay window. Roman blinds are available in corduroy, velvet, linen, cotton or terry cloth. Choose colors that will match the scheme of your home.

Wood Blinds
Wood blinds bring a classic look to your bay windows. They provide you with complete privacy or can be operated to bring in various amounts of light. Wood blinds bring an earthy decor style to your home. Wood blinds are available in natural wood like cherry, balsam, aspen, or faux wood (synthetic).

How To Find Steals On Window Treatments
Bay windows are long distance cousins to French doors.  Both operate under the  principle of expanding the views in your home.  When looking for bargains on window treatments to compliment your bay and French windows, check out online sites like Amazon.  I would also check Craigslist for French door window blinds and  and bay window curtains as many people abandon projects and want to liquidate their purchases.