Beware of Gold Buying through Infomercial Scams

Scamming probably began when the human race began. With time scammers and frauds have improvised their techniques. Now days, the scammers use methods which are clever and ‘hi-tech’ if you will. In the old days, if you had locked your doors you were safe but now scammers are not kept away by doors. They have access to your living room without breaking in! That’s right, the frauds of this century used media to execute their plans. The victim is completely blind sighted while the looters rob them blind. The infomercial scamming is a very good example.

What is infomercial?
Infomercial is a long commercial. It runs for several minutes. The technique is very useful for implanting an idea in consumers mind. Most infomercials run during the night when people are at home watching TVs. Infomercial is a bright marketing idea which contemporary scammers are using as their platform.

Infomercial scamming
The infomercial scamming has become very popular. Everyone these days has a TV. This enables scammers to target a broad audience. The scammers are sly. They don’t make offers which are rejected. They brainwash you with by falsely offering some very lucrative profits.

How do the scammers work?
The scammers build a trust with the consumer. They make very friendly ads. They even get false witnesses which vow on TV that the company is legitimate and it made them money. These frauds create a marketing hype which is very appealing, even the brightest of minds can fall victim to it.

Be aware of gold buying scam

The most frequently carried out scam is that regarding gold. They use captivating taglines such as “sell gold Oklahoma City and make money overnight”.

The notorious gold infomercial scam
The scammers carry out this scam by offering people to buy their gold at its regular value. They will send you their mailing address where you’ll be asked to send your gold. When they value the gold to buy it from you, they won’t value it properly. They will buy the gold for a price which doesn’t even come close to the actual number. Most of the times, the seller wouldn’t even know that he has been scammed.

That is much better when compared to what happens to some people. People send their gold to get it valued but it disappears. The scammers take them and run away. If you inquire they will make an excuse that it was lost in the mail or there is no trace of it. Many times when a victim reaches their said premises, he’ll find that the organization never existed.

How to stay clear of such scams?
The best way of gold trading is to do it with some local party. A company whose address you have and you can visit physically. Even amongst the locals, you should always go for the best reputed buyer. Make sure that proper documentation is done. So if the deal doesn’t go through you don’t have to lose money in the form of paying fines or commission.

Keeping your head and implying common sense while watching infomercials will ensure your safety. Do not fall for what the advertisement says.