Bamboo Vinegar

Bamboo vinegar is a natural product that can be bought at specialist shops. It has a long history in China and Japan as a medicine and an aid to beauty. In the West little is known about bamboo vinegar.

When bamboo is heated in a kiln it lets off a gas that can be collected, condensed and filtered. The resulting bamboo vinegar is made up of over 200 organic chemicals, has a brown color, a smoky smell and is slightly acidic. You cannot use bamboo vinegar for cooking – it is called vinegar because of its acidity and brown color. It can, however, be used for several other purposes.

In the past the Chinese used bamboo vinegar to treat cases of poisoning. Nowadays, it is better to seek expert medical advice rather than self-medicate, but one poison is still widely treated with bamboo vinegar and that is the poison of toxins in the body. Toxins are part of modern life and they build up in the body causing low energy levels, skin complaints and irregular periods. You can either buy bamboo vinegar foot detox patches to detox or you can put some diluted bamboo vinegar on some cotton gauze and tape it to your feet over night to draw out toxins.


Bamboo has many uses

Another use of bamboo vinegar is to treat skin complaints such as eczema and dermatitis. Simply add a few drops of bamboo vinegar to a sink full of warm water and splash on your skin to treat it. Bamboo vinegar can be put on a compress and used to treat constipation, irregular menstruation and poor blood circulation. One beauty function of bamboo vinegar is to soften hair. Again all that is needed is a few drops in a sink full of water.

For those people who wish to remove dangerous chemicals from the home bamboo vinegar makes a good alternative to strong detergents, acids and alkalies used for cleaning. Simple dilute bamboo vinegar 1 part to 20 parts water and add to a spray bottle. Flooring, kitchen surfaces and toilets can be cleaned using bamboo vinegar because it is anti microbial and anti bacterial. The acidity of bamboo sterilizes also for extra protection in the home.

This is not all of the uses for bamboo vinegar. This list is just to make you realize that bamboo vinegar is an invaluable addition to the home.