Backyard Pond Air Pumps

When spring comes a lot of people begin to think about landscaping their back gardens. You can do it yourself or hire a professional, but whatever you choose there are loads of ideas and features that can turn your garden into a little bit of paradise.

A water feature is a nice touch and can enhance your original garden. They can be created in any size or shape and when you come to decorating it, the possibilities are countless. You must however purchase a good quality pond air pump. This will keep your pond crystal clean and healthy. A pond pump will deliver air to the base of your pond so it is well oxygenated. This allows your entire pond to breathe properly and to stay well aerated. You can help this process by installing a waterfall or fountain this will also add beauty to your garden and sound wonderfully relaxing as the water trickles into your pond.

Pond Air Pump

Pond Air Pump Keeps Water Fresh

If your pond has fish in it your pump will have to pump at least half of the volume of your pond per hour. Make sure you buy the correct pump for the size of your pond. Install your water garden in an open space so leaves and debris cannot fall onto its surface and change the water chemistry.

Make sure to buy a submersible pond pump that is good quality, as it has to run continually 365 days per year. Make sure that you top up your pond in the summer months due to water evaporation. Don’t allow your pump to run without water moving through it. This could damage the motor and you may have to buy a new pump, leaving your pond water standing still. This is not a good idea at all as waste will build up and algae could start to multiply.

If you follow these tips then you should have a beautiful and clean water feature in your garden that you will be able to enjoy for many years to come.