An Affordable Lip Tattoo to Replace Liner and Lipstick

Permanent makeup clinics offer women an affordable way to do away with lip liner pencils and lipstick forever. A dual procedures that involves a permanent lip liner on the upper and lower lips, as well as full lip color blending, solves the problem of bleeding and can even correct small imperfections in size and shape.
Safe, Hygienic and Affordable Lip Tattoo Techniques
The professionals at clinics that use the most up-to-date permanent makeup techniques are specialized in the three methods and will choose the one that best suits your needs, be it a manual application called SoftTap or one of the other methods which involves either a coil or rotary machine. All use hygienic disposable tubes and needles and deliver safe and precise outlines as well as full-color lip fill or blush. The hypoallergenic vegetable pigments used, even for the most affordable lip tattooor micropigmentation procedure, will be free of Iron Oxide. That means you can safely and permanently stop buying lipsticks and liners and wake up everyday with picture perfect lips.

Lip Tattoos

How Much Do the Most Affordable Lip Tattoo Procedures Cost?
A lot less than you might imagine! While prices vary depending on the permanent makeup clinic or salon you choose, you can estimate that the most affordable lip tattoo procedures start at around $400. The procedures that include both an upper and lower lip liner will cost about $450, and those that offer liner plus blending are around $475. The best affordable lip tattoo procedures, in my opinion, are those that provide both the liner and a fill over the entire lip. These all-inclusive procedures are reasonably priced, costing between $550 and $600 for everything.
How long Will a Lip Tattoo, Liner or Permanent Blush Last?
Whether you choose to get a really affordable lip tattoo with your local aesthetician who’s certified in micropigmentation or go to a specialized permanent makeup clinic, the pigments last about the same length of time – really bright for a year, less bright after two, and very soft after three or four years. After 5 years, the pigment still remains under the skin and is visible, but not as bright and vivid. Although pigments do remain permanently under the skin, they are often not as vibrant as when they’re new. If you want to keep the rich color for longer, it’s a good idea to have your permanent liner or lip blush retouched after a year. This reinforces the pigmentation and helps to keep your lip color more pronounced for a longer period of time. If you go to the same permanent makeup clinic or technician, the retouch should only costs about $200. It’s not essential to retouch a lip tattoo every year, just as needed to keep it fresh. In my case, I get it done once every three years.