Academic Software: Huge Savings for Students and Teachers

In the last two decades technology and the use of personal computers has changed the way we do everything, from balancing our checkbooks, to making hotel reservations, and especially, how we educate ourselves. It is almost unheard of for students today not to use computers in their studies. Besides having quality hardware what really makes your computer functional is the software. There are programs that will teach practically any skill, and enable us to be more productive and more creative.

One of the most popular software programs is the Adobe Creative Suite (CS). If you are interested in any type of design or web design, the Adobe products will take you a long way. The only problem with Adobe products is that they are very expensive. Adobe is also very strict in their licensing policies, and having a fully functioning licensed copy is really the best way to go. Having a legally licensed copy with no viruses or malware can give you peace of mind, and you can get updates.

Fortunately, most major software manufacturers offer academic versions of their software. An academic license is the same as a fully functioning regular software license, except you aren’t supposed to use the software for commercial purposes. The software is designed to allow students to learn the programs before purchasing the professional copies that they will use in their commercial careers. The great thing about academic software is the deep discounts. You can usually find the latest Microsoft Office Suite for less than $100, when it is normally around $500. You can also get Adobe products for about one quarter of their normal price.

Academic software can be big savings for teachers and students

If you are creative and you want to get involved with graphics, images, and web design, knowing how to use Adobe Illustrator is a great skill to have. The nice thing about having academic software is that you can learn new skills that will help you in your career and in your future ventures. With Adobe Illustrator you can create vector graphics which are very useful as web graphics. What makes them so useful is that they are scalable which means that they can be re-sized up or down, whereas a normal JPEG image can usually only be sized down. If you are creating a design for a T-shirt, a poster, or a web graphic, using vector images is a great way to get the perfect sized image without losing any resolution.

Usually students are on a budget, but taking advantage of academic software prices is a great idea for most students who want to learn the latest software and enhance their skills and marketability. Owning the  Adobe Creative Suite can help take your design skills to the next level. The suite contains most of the popular Adobe programs including Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Adobe Illustrator. You can also purchase the individual programs such as Adobe Illustrator Academic license at a very low price. In order to purchase academic software you will need to provide academic proof that you are a student, usually this just consists of a copy of your student ID and/or your class schedule. If you are taking an accredited college course this would be a good time to find great deals on software.