A Few Quick Tips On Documenting Your Backpacking Trip

There are a whole bunch of ways that you can document your travelling adventure. If you’re an frequent backpacker like myself, documenting your trip for the future is both vital and an important part of formulating your thoughts for years to come. Whether you’re backpacking through Europe, Asia or Africa – you should always take the time to record your thoughts in some way.

Here are a couple of ways that you can document your own backpacking adventure:

Keep A Journal
This is obviously the easiest way to start, and one of the more popular because all it requires is a notebook and a pen. If you make it a habit to spend an hour each night noting down thoughts, fun events, travel facts and hilarious quotes from other backpackers – it will be a treasure trove to look back on. I highly recommend keeping a travel journal.

Not all of us are whizzes on the camera, but just taking some simple photos is another great way to document your trip. Of course, if you love photography you might want to bring along all the gadgets and the expensive camera (don’t forget travel insurance!) – but for most of us a point and click digital camera is sufficient, or even just the camera in your mobile phone.

Not all of us are whizzes on the camera

Using  Sound
Recording sound is the perfect way to remember an atmosphere of a place that you’ve visited, maybe a cafe in Paris or a restaurant in Italy. You can also use sound bytes to get down your own thoughts (it saves you writing). I prefer writing myself, but for those that don’t like it making some sound recordings can be a great way to go.

Travel Videos
If you have a camera that doubles up as a video camera, making some travel videos can be heaps of fun. Whether it’s just of you and some friends having a good time, or even little city guides or thoughts as you go – recording footage is the ultimate way to remember a trip. I like to use both photos AND footage, as some landscapes can just look stunning in a well taken photograph, and it just isn’t the same on footage.

Other Ways
Another great thing to do if you’re a little bit more artistic, is to bring along a sketch book and some pencils, or even some water color paints and a small paint brush as well. Then whenever you have spare time (perhaps sitting on the beach in Barcelona, or waiting for a bus in London) – you can whip out the sketch book and use what is around you for inspiration.

I’m a terrible drawer, so this option isn’t really for me, but for some it can be the perfect solution and be an incredibly relaxing experience.

Many people love buying souvenirs as a way to remember a place or time in their trip. This is fine, except your backpack will start getting heavier and heavier if you keep stocking up on those fun little items. That miniature Eiffel Tower from Paris might seem small at the time, but once you buy twenty similar items you will definitely notice the difference. A good idea is to actually post these items home, it’s not the cheapest option (that would be simply not buying them at all), but it’s a great way to ensure you still get the item and keep your pack blessedly light so you can enjoy your trip.

However you choose to document your trip, ensure that you DO actually do it – or you will be filled with regrets when you get home and forget all the tiny things that made your trip so fantastic.